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Kiss a lunchbox bitch kiss a lunchbox

So...I talk on the phone to Gena till like 630 am, but dont go to sleep right away...why? I dont really know, just sitting there thinking about shit, and then I went upstairs and talked to my mom. I just work up now, at 2:08 pm and I have to be at work at 300pm how gay? I talked to Surreal and hes gonna hook me up with all the noizewave stuff that I USED to have, but either are stolen, lost or broke, which should be tight. Noizewave is a rap group from council bluffs/omaha, that are supppppper tight, they also do alot of battle rap, which I really enjoy. I should eat something before work, but that is a comprimise. If I eat, I cant sit online, or I can, but its not as fun. I wish I would have gone to bed earlier so I would have more time to do stuff now, cuz I always have no time to do anything. I suppose after I take this girl to get a pregnancy test (which my mom says she highly doubts shes pregnant hah!) I will get my plane tickets, and pay my Grandma back the 20 bucks I owe her. I should see if she will loan me more money, but I feel bad asking her. I need to eat something...hmmm if we have milk, if not, turkey sandwich for Dan.

I hope I get to talk to Gena tonight.....
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