xXxDanxXx (techn9ne) wrote,

I keep a substantial amount of aspirins in my Acura

My music is therapeutic for whoever's there to use it

It's like, Lucifer's here to influence listeners through it

You probably do what it said to do just from listenin to it

It's got the power to get you to do it

So when the shit comes on, I wanna see some shit jump off

Some bitch get slapped, some motherfuckin kid get stomped

So get this song, go run out and buy this disc

And try this shit, as much coke as I just did

Cause times like these, got me doin lines like these

Plus I grab a pencil every time that I light weed

It's probably because of the drugs Daniel does what
he does
and is what he is, I'm dizzy Bizzy visit these kids
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