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New name, same fag.   
04:31pm 13/07/2002
mood: cold
New name, same fag..
this journal looks gay...
better change it...
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Dirty Butt Sexxx   
03:04pm 10/07/2002
  bitches, i want you to know

bitches, they always hoes

bitches,they make me sick

these bitches, they want my dick

these bitches, they want my cock


god damn noizewave owns you all.

My mom called me into work...agag
this is sweet
Kiss a lunchbox bitch kiss a lunchbox   
02:06pm 10/07/2002
mood: pissed off
So...I talk on the phone to Gena till like 630 am, but dont go to sleep right away...why? I dont really know, just sitting there thinking about shit, and then I went upstairs and talked to my mom. I just work up now, at 2:08 pm and I have to be at work at 300pm how gay? I talked to Surreal and hes gonna hook me up with all the noizewave stuff that I USED to have, but either are stolen, lost or broke, which should be tight. Noizewave is a rap group from council bluffs/omaha, that are supppppper tight, they also do alot of battle rap, which I really enjoy. I should eat something before work, but that is a comprimise. If I eat, I cant sit online, or I can, but its not as fun. I wish I would have gone to bed earlier so I would have more time to do stuff now, cuz I always have no time to do anything. I suppose after I take this girl to get a pregnancy test (which my mom says she highly doubts shes pregnant hah!) I will get my plane tickets, and pay my Grandma back the 20 bucks I owe her. I should see if she will loan me more money, but I feel bad asking her. I need to eat something...hmmm if we have milk, if not, turkey sandwich for Dan.

I hope I get to talk to Gena tonight.....
04:16am 10/07/2002
mood: stressed
Damn,I havent updated in a long time. New stuff. Gena, korg d-16, and a iPod, Im going to buy a new imac and pimp all the hoes with it, I cant wait. Gathering should be fun, Im looking foward to kicking it with adogg, cuz hes a good guy, and we share alot of common interests. I get to meet Gena, which should be absofuckinglutely(sp?) nerve racking, Shit like that scares me alot, but eat ass. I get to ride on a plane again, YAY! I hope i die in a plane crash, with lots of fire, which would be the ultimate way to die. This girl i used to fuck is like 2months preggo, shes getting an abortion...GO ME! no kids today, or not on this fuckers watch anyways..... I told her if she has it Im moving to florida to go to full sail tech school, but she told me shes giving it the axe...good choice if i do say so myself. I get nervous sometimes...do you?
02:17pm 27/06/2002
mood: tired
Last night started out stale as fuck. Went to work for the gang, got trained on the cash register by this hot ass fucking girl that works there. The things I would do to this girl....you have no idea. Went home, and got changed, Bao and Kyren came and got me and we went back to baos house. Left, smoked a blunt, drove around for a long ass time, and it sucked ass. Smoked some more blunts. Went to this dudes house to pick some up, and he was a fucking swerve! Talking all like he was mexican or something, but I know he was white and shit, dude made me nervous. We went to the neighbors and smoked some kbs, and bao broke his window trying to get in and shit, madd funny. Watched a tape of me rapping...do i really look that gay all the time? I hope not shit, no wonder I get no ass. We took kyren home, then we went to McDonalds without his jew ass, so i ate all my food before bao even finished his sausage egg muffin deal. It got a few laughs. Came home, tried to talk online but i couldnt really read. Jacked off, went to sleep. ROYCE, IM DA KING!
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01:03pm 26/06/2002
mood: groggy
Last night, I went over to Hung's to rap, but we ended up smoking a blunt, and you know me, I wanted to eat and shit, so we went and made some deliveries and then went to the chinese buffet. Shit was grub, plus the lil asian lady taking my money wanted my cock brb gotta shit ok, anyways, Then Amy comes up behind me and covers my eyes and shes all like "guess who" and I'm all stoned and disoriented....I didn't know what the fuck was going on.

Then later on we went to the neighbors, I drank alot of beer in order to go to Hiway diner, ate food. Came home. Passed out.
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I keep a substantial amount of aspirins in my Acura   
01:46pm 25/06/2002
My music is therapeutic for whoever's there to use it

It's like, Lucifer's here to influence listeners through it

You probably do what it said to do just from listenin to it

It's got the power to get you to do it

So when the shit comes on, I wanna see some shit jump off

Some bitch get slapped, some motherfuckin kid get stomped

So get this song, go run out and buy this disc

And try this shit, as much coke as I just did

Cause times like these, got me doin lines like these

Plus I grab a pencil every time that I light weed

It's probably because of the drugs Daniel does what
he does
and is what he is, I'm dizzy Bizzy visit these kids
02:58am 17/06/2002
mood: depressed
"My life is fulla empty promises and broken dreams."

"I don't rap to get the women, Fuck bitches, Give me a fat slut that cooks and does dishes."

"Sometimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders, everyones leaning on me,sometimes it feels like the worlds almost over,but then she comes back to me"

Sometimes I wonder why I am here, What am I supposed to be doing? Is it to make others happy, or make myself happy? Fuck I wish I could do both. Every day, I do both, but it seems as if I am just cursed to live a life of incompleteness. I wish I had all the peices of the fucking puzzle of my life, so I could be happy, so I can make others happy. Im dead inside, everyday. Komatose. Flatline.Dead.


What is the missing peice of my puzzle?
Fucking wack Life, I hate it so much and noone ever realizes the true way I feel inside, Or they dont care I walk around like noone can fade me, I dont give a fuck about them, Fuck them, basically just like "I don't give a fuck" but I do, It hurts, I feel pain.

I'm so insecure with myself that I can never be assertive enough to complete the puzzle.

I'm so high strung.

I'm so

I'm so

Tired of my life.

ok, anyways, Talked to her for .4 milleseconds before she abruptly signed off without saying anything. It figures.


10:56pm 13/06/2002
mood: discontent
Have you ever been like so damn sprung you feel like a loser? Thats how I feel right now. Im so needy for attention that I get all gay whenever I have the opportunity. I have been talking to AGIRLSK-fake name. For a coulple days, and things were looking pretty good for the gathering until this afternoon when i was dropped a fucking bomb that she wants some other dude. Ryan has instructed me to try 2wice as hard and be ruthless about it. who knows......
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10:07pm 29/11/2001
mood: accomplished
Damn, today was a decent day. Went to school Downloaded and burned the Fast and the Furious, came home, tried to watch on Dreamcast, didnt work :0( i gotta get the boot disc tommorow. Went and picked up my cousin so we could go to the hospital and see my new nephew! Kobe Borden was born last night and let me tell you he is the CUTEST baby you will ever see in your fucking life! i changed his pee pee diaper for her and all that, saw a nasty boob (Y u gotta breast feed?) went home took a shit. now im writing in the journal.

Quote: "You will never hear a guy say 'Hey stop sucking my fucking dick or im calling the fucking cops!'-George Carlin
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01:01am 28/11/2001
mood: rushed
Damn, finnally I get on of these live journal thingys after like a hour of hard work, my main cum dumpster homie angie got me a passcode, imma update this shit like CRAZAY